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MS Cultural Extravaganza

All the work that the MS staff and students had put in during the course of the term was showcased on the 3rd of August 2019, when Mudzini School held its first ever Cultural Extravaganza.

A variety of tribes and cultures with their history, norms and practices, beliefs and socio-economic activities from the Kenyan context were brought to life. These tribes consisted of the Swahili Culture, the Maasai culture, the Giriama culture, the Kikuyu culture and last but not least, the Luo culture.

The events of the day kicked off with in class presentations from the various cultures who did their best to impress the parents and more importantly, the judges with their displays, attire and food preparations. This was then followed by all the guests assembling at the hall for the different groups to showcase their traditional dances, to which the students performed spectacularly.

The award ceremony followed shortly after with the appointed judges making their verdicts and presenting the trophies. Swahili culture were awarded the trophy for the best food, Maasai culture were crowned winners of the best dressed category, Giriama culture were crowned winner of the best presentation and Luo culture were crowned winners of the best performance.

The judges then announced the overall winners of the cultural extravaganza, who were Kikuyu culture.

Congratulations to all the cultures and a big thank you to all the guests who graced the occasion.

Swahili Culture

Maasai Culture

Giriama Culture

Kikuyu Culture

Luo Culture


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