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Kenyan Curriculum

We also offer the 8-4-4 and Competency Based Curriculum (CBC), from the Early Years Foundation Stage upto High School. 

Fundamental concepts are integrated into each unit of study, aided by interactive technology within the classrooms. This enables the learner to acquire competencies to sit for KCPE and KCSE with excellent results.


A broad range of extracurricular activities such as:





The Early Years 


During the early years there is a focus on mastering letters, words and sounds. The children take the first steps towards reading and writing and learn key fundamentals of math such as numbers and counting. It is at this stage that they also learn shapes and objects as well as identify times and seasons. By the end of the early years, children are able to recognize names and write all the 26 letters of the alphabet in both small and capital letters, know the correct sounds that each letter makes, and also be able to read about 30 plus frequently used words.

Grade 1 - Grade 8 & High School

In grade 1 through 8, children follow the curriculum as outlined by the government covering five subjects including Mathematics, English, Swahili, Science, and social studies. The learners who successfully complete grade 8 at Mudzini School are guaranteed a place in the high school section. Opportunities in the high school section currently available are from Form 1 to Form 3.

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