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M.S History & Organization

Mudzini School opened on 4th, September of 2017 as an international school offering both the local and the British based Cambridge curricula to children from both affluent and disadvantaged backgrounds.


In 2018 we partnered with the British council to teach and examine students on the British curriculum (Cambridge). In January of 2019 we expanded the school to include a high school section and a boarding facility, for children unable to commute daily.


We are now a school offering the CBC, 844 and Cambridge curricula from kindergarten to high school. 

Mudzini School is owned and managed by Mudzini Kwetu Centre Trust, a children's rights body. The trust is managed by a group of professionals who form the board of directors.


After inspection by the British Council in 2018 Mudzini School was appointed as a recognized examination centre.

Mudzini School is registered as a private institution by the government of Kenya, ministry of Education. Mudzini School is also a partner school of the British council group of schools. 

Barely 3 years old, the school has now more than 200 students from a humble beginning of only 7 students since opening in September 2017. We pride ourselves as a school with students from all walks of life and nationalities which makes student life at MS a unique experience. 

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