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Mudzini School Vision

Mudzini School is owned by Mudzini Kwetu Centre Trust. The Trust is a human rights body based in Kilifi County, in the coastal region of Kenya. The school is founded on the precept that access to equal quality education is a perquisite of a progressive, just and well governed society.  The Trust’s efforts are driven by the belief that a right or liability should in as far as is possible, be equalised among all interested parties and therefore quality education should be accessible to all citizens regardless of their social status. 

We believe that if a large number of children from deprived backgrounds are given equal opportunities with those from privileged backgrounds to access quality education together, then both will be able to work together and transform their lives and those of the communities in which they live. 

To that end, the trust has built a serene home to provide care and protection for about 100 disadvantaged children aged between 1-17 years, and a premium school to educate children from both deprived and flourishing families. The families of privilege together with patrons of the home, pay school fees to run the school.

Mudzini School offers the local (8-4-4), CBC and the British Curricula (Cambridge) from Kindergarten through to high school. This allows us to give every learner an opportunity to specialise in the subjects of their interest, as they target particular professions. The school programs also allow greater flexibility to learners who have different vocational abilities. The school builds on and further develops these abilities and as a result enhances their prospects for admission in different colleges and universities in the world. The school has a small unit of mild to medium special needs program. 

Mudzini School enrolls students from all walks of life including diverse nationalities, ethnicities, social economic status, academic abilities and religious affiliations.  This inclusivity provides diversity to our students. Extra curricula activities and exposure to diverse cultural experiences permeates our students to understand and experience the idea of global citizenry.

Even though our classes are spacious enough to accommodate over 40 students, we limit our classes to a maximum of 18 learners at junior levels and 26 learners at higher levels, for educators to give individualised attention to individual learners. The small numbers also allow the staff to get to know each learner and their families and to maintain regular individualised and proactive communication between home and school. Despite the class sizes the school fees is competitive. Our desire is to make private education as affordable as possible so that as many children as possible can access quality education. 

Our commitment to parents and guardians who entrust us with their children is that;

a) Our school will always pay attention to quality

b) Our school will grow to accommodate as many students as possible

c) Increased capacity will not compromise quality and our standards 

d) our quality education will always be fairly and competitively priced.

Our desire is not to imitate or compete with other international schools in Kenya but rather compliment their effort of providing options for quality education by bringing on board innovative and effective approaches to teaching and learning that allows the learner to appreciate and embrace learning. 

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