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Why Choose MS

Mudzini School occupies a unique place in the landscape of international schools in this region. Unlike most international schools that offer a single curriculum and admit affluent families only, Mudzini School offers both the IGCSE curriculum and the 8-4-4/CBC curriculum and admits children from all walks of life providing a rich experience for the learners, as they share their histories and cultures during lessons and extracurricular activities. 


Our highly qualified and experienced teachers are determined to achieve excellent results in all the levels and contribute to the holistic development of learners.  The opportunity presents itself for those signing up at this stage of infancy of the school as being the first students to hit the mark of national excellence through our school in the next 3 years. Our first primary and high school students will graduate in the next 3 years and will be marked as the pioneering students of the school. 


A key priority of Mudzini School is to provide individualised attention to each learner. As such we keep the class sizes small, actively enable children to feel safe, recognised and empowered to grow intellectually and emotionally.

Mudzini School is committed to provide value in education. Our tuition fees is reasonably priced compared to other international schools in the region without compromise to quality of facilities and services, thus making Mudzini school accessible to many families who wish to invest in a quality education for their children. 


Should you be looking for a caring, nurturing and child-centred school for your child, please consider an experience at Mudzini School.


Schedule a visit to see for yourself why we call ourselves a school with a difference. We look forward to welcoming you. 

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