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​Student Life


MS promotes the development of talents and skills. Beginning in Class 4, students may participate in interscholastic sports teams after school. Offerings include girls and boys football, basketball, netball and swimming. Depending on the size of classes and the nature of the sport, some of our teams are divided into 4th/5th classes  and 6th, 7th/8th classes. 

Special Events

MS hosts special events that support and enrich the curriculum and program. These events range from classroom productions to outside presentations and everything in between. Families are always welcome to attend, and are extended special invitations for performance assemblies such as talent shows, students-in-concert, holiday assemblies, and Parents’ Days. 

A variety of after school activities encourage students to explore their interests and develop their talents.
Field Trips

MS values experiential education and encourages classes to take advantage of field trip opportunities. As part of the enrollment contract, families grant permission for their child(ren) to attend all field trips throughout the year. Teachers notify families of field trips ahead of time and, at times, invite parents/guardians and additional faculty/staff as chaperones. 

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