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Mudzini School Mission

The mission of Mudzini School is to offer an academically rigorous education of the highest quality, ensuring that our students achieve excellence in all that they endeavour to do. Founded on the best practices and curricula in local and global education, the MS program prepares students who are confident and knowledgeable and who embrace challenge. MS students learn how to access information, think critically and creatively, solve problems, work collaboratively, and have a broad understanding of communities and cultures around the world.


Mudzini School graduates are well qualified and positioned to attend the best local and international education institutions. Mudzini School pursues this mission by embracing the following learning principles:

  • Educate the whole child: intellectual, social, physical and emotional;

  • Create a safe learning environment in which students feel safe, loved, known and understood;

  • Foster close, supportive relationships between all members of the school community: families, teachers, administrators, staff and students;

  • Maintain high academic standards while respecting the pace of child development;

  • Challenge students to think critically, creatively, and conceptually;

  • Provide hands-on, engaging, authentic learning experiences that challenge students to wrestle with big ideas and their own assumptions

  •    Support students’ inquiry and self-reflection

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