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Valerie Kwaheri

Valerie with the Dance Club members

Mudzini School held a farewell party for Valerie Freeborn, our former Deputy Principal, on Friday the 12th of July 2019, to celebrate her service and dedication towards working with Mudzini School since August 2018 to July 2019. Ms. Valerie joined Mudzini School on a one year fellowship as part of a partnership between Mudzini School and Cariad Kenya, an organization based in the U.K. She was instrumental in the development of music and drama classes within the school, as well as the development of the disciplinary policy which led to the establishment of the beneficial merit and demerit system.

On Friday 12th July, the farewell party kicked off at 10am with presentations from the students and the choir; singing some of her favorite songs as well as songs she had taught them, and finally concluding with a special song, Valerie Kwaheri, composed by

Ms. Irene. This was shortly followed by an interview from Rehema (Year 9) on some of Ms. Val’s experiences in Kenya, and also how well she had learnt Kiswahili.

The events of the day concluded with a cake cutting session and awarding of gifts from the pupils and the staff members.



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