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A Virtual 2020 at M.S

The MS fraternity ends a virtual term and ultimately a virtual year full of learning opportunities and challenges brought forward by online learning. Our students, staff and parents showed resilience and dedication in tackling the hurdle of virtual learning and we applaud all their accomplishments throughout the term and year.

With a variety of accomplishments from the early years all the way to the lower secondary classes, we got to see students being creative and innovative in class projects as well as assignments, we also had the opportunity to not only see students improve their practical and technological skills, but also gain life skills in the process. A key highlight is that we got to learn about a class; Year 7, that has very talented chefs in the making.

Our grade 4's and grade 8's resumed their classes in October with ease; transitioning from virtual classes back to physical classes and were able to carry on with learning and comply with the Ministry of Health's guidelines on prevention of COVID-19.

Although it has been a tough year for all of us and the world at large, the strides we have made this year with the underlying circumstances are what make us proud of our staff, parents and most importantly, our students, and believe that we are molding a generation of innovators and pioneers.

Lastly, as you have kept safe, maintained social distancing and adhered to all the set guidelines on prevention of COVID-19 throughout the year, we urge you to keep doing the same even as you enjoy the festivities.

From all of us at M.S, we wish you a Merry Christmas and a prosperous new year full of new beginnings and blessings and hope to see you back healthy and energized for a new term and year in January 2021.


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