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Congratulations Class of 2021

On the 12th of March, we held our first ever Grade 8's graduation ceremony. All the work that the students had done in the time they had been at MS would come to completion after they did their KCPE exams.

In celebration of this milestone, students, grade 8 parents, teaching and non teaching staff were all in attendance and had a variety of activities lined up to make the event a success. Starting with presentations from the Early Years, to songs, dances as well as poetry and spoken word.

These were shortly followed with speeches from the valedictorians of the day; Isaiah & Sharon (Grade 8), with some of the students also giving their speeches. Mr. Silas spoke on behalf of the parents with Mr. Julius and Mr. Godwin giving their speeches representing the teachers. Our principal, Ms. Leah finalized the session on speeches and introduced the guest of honor.


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