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Fun Day & 2nd Annual Graduation Ceremony

PP2 Class of 2019

On the 2nd of November 2019, MS held its 2nd Annual PP2 Graduation Ceremony, as well as a Sports Fun Day involving students, staff and parents.

The school band kicked off the day’s events with the national anthem, after which the students settled into their respective houses; House Simba and House Danger, to kick start the day.

The first category was the boys and girls 100 metres race, which was followed by the 3 legged race, 400metres relay, the spoon race and finally tug of war.

MS parents were also not left behind in the action, taking part in various categories such as the 100 metres races and the staff vs parents tug of war. To entertain the guests during the event, the Tong-Il Moo-Do club showcased the techniques they had been learning through out the term with the aid of their teacher, Master Clarence.

This event was crowned with the 2nd Annual Graduation Ceremony of the PP2 Class of 2019, with presentations from the Early Years and Foundation Stage classes as well as the prep school students.

Congratulations to the graduates.


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